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THE PLUGS LAWYER: the first ever "Trap Novel"


Getting 5 star reviews on Amazon. com, take a look at the character Tia Jones in this fictional tale........

Raw, gritty, and witty. This unexpected tale of the good girl with trap habits that shoots for her dream as "The Plugs Lawyer!" 

Kinda hood, more classy, Tia Jones.  Midwest raised, southern paid, the lawyer that talks the talk & walks to walk, as we see what made her become the "legal genius of the nation." 


The Plugs Lawyer is made for that girl looking to escape her past for a better life.  Ride the wave of life with Tia in the first installation of three as she builds the Jones Law empire. 

Betrayal, desperation, desire, & persistence, this story is the voice for the smart, hood girl looking to find where she belongs... which is at the top. 


One reader said: on August 23, 2017

"Was super excited to get and read the book and I must say I was not disappointed!! Loved it!! I couldn't help but to relate as I too grew up in the Midwest praying to make it out the hood on to bigger and better things despite my family vicious cycle of settling in life. What really intrigued me the most was the authors way of sending a message to us African American females that it's ok to seek a therapist and that we don't have to be perfect and can display weakness at times. This is a personal struggle for me always wanting to be the "Strong, Independent Black Woman." I'm proud to say that I have my first appointment with a Therapist this month!! Special Shoutout to the Author Tiffany Simmons for sprinkling some of her BlackGirl Magic upon us!!"


Another reader said: on October 4, 2017

"I was truly impressed by the raw uncut book written by Tiffany Simmons. I laughed, smiled, and almost cried as I felt the emotions of the character like I was watching a actual scene in person. I look forward to Tiffany Simmon's next book and wish her great success in her career in law."

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