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Create Your Law Business For This Generation .99 cents for the ebook!!


Create Your Law Business For This Generation is a book that I created to help out law students, young lawyers, and even seasoned attorneys who would like to be prepared to handle the legal problems of this generation while paving their own way as a law business owner. 


Why listen to me?  Because what I say in the book is the truth, and I am relatable to law students; my approach to motivating and inspiring students is real, raw, and straight to the point.  In the 6 short chapters, readers will learn and gain the following insights:


  • Learn the most effective marketing methods for law businesses.
  • Learn how to uniquely brand your law business, the stuff others won’t tell you!
  • Obtain guidance on the challenges lawyers face in the practice of law.
  • Read about real lawyer problems and the successful approaches to solving them.
  • Read about what it takes, through relatable advice, to really be a lawyer outside of the law school curriculum.
  • Read about Attorney Tiffany Simmons path to success as the first lawyer in her family and owner of Simmons Law based in Atlanta, GA.